New Music/Demos

Thank you for your interest in submitting new music to
Please read the information on this page carefully before proceeding.

Digital Submission Process

  1. Encode your MP3s at 320k (preferred) or 256k bitrates. Do not use VBR.
  2. Name your files according to this format:
    Artist/DJ Name - Work Title (mix/other info).mp3
  3. Prepare a summary.txt file that includes:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your URL (if applicable)
    • Track listing (if uploading a mix)
    • Comments for the channel directors
  4. Upload your files to our submissions FTP server:
    • Hostname:
    • Port: 21 (default)
    • Username: rockradioupload
    • Password: rockradioupload

Although the names of your files will be visible to world, only our channel directors can download their contents.
We keep file names visible so that you can see when we have processed your submission. If the files are still there, we didn't get to them yet.

Please do not upload your files into anyone else's directory.

If your upload is interrupted, you will not be able to resume or delete a partially uploaded file. Simply append a number to the end your file and try again. We will take care of duplicates and partially uploaded content.

Upload your files to Dropbox and email us a link

  1. Make sure your audio files are encoded in either 320k or 256k mpbs MP3. Do not use VBR during encoding.
  2. If you do not have a Dropbox account, create one for free at Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to upload files and share them by sending a public URL.
  3. Log into your Dropbox account and navigate to the "Public" folder. Upload your music here (your Public folder).
  4. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your email address
    • Your website URL (if applicable)
    • The link to your public Dropbox folder
    • Comments for the channel director


Due to the incredibly high volume of submissions we receive, we regret that cannot respond to each one individually. You will only hear back from us if your submission is approved by a channel director.

You can check the status of your submission by looking for it on the submissions FTP server. If the files are still there, we didn't get to them yet.

We realise that this process can cause questions and hurt feelings when you don't hear back from us. Until we are able to deploy a better submission system, please honour our channel directors by refraining from email spam with inquiries about the status of your request.

New Channels

RockRadio's music is managed by a dedicated team of talented channel directors who give their time to keep our music alive and our genres growing.

Ideal Candidate

Channel director is a privileged title that will afford you great influence over a genre. We choose our directors carefully to ensure that we remain known for the high broadcast standards we have today.

You might be a great channel director if…

  • You love RockRadio.
  • You are an obsessive curator of music. (You must own at least 20 hours of high quality content.)
  • You know your favorite genres well enough that your ears, not pop culture, can tell you what is good.
  • You understand the fundamentals of digital media, encoding formats and audio enhancement techniques.
  • You are more interested in the success of musicians than achieving fame by playing their music.
  • You can communicate clearly in written English.
  • You are willing to volunteer hours behind the scenes doing largely unglamorous work.
  • You made it through this list!

Get Started

We welcome any new channel concepts that you are passionate about.
Please include all the information listed below or your request will not be processed.

Please contact Ari Shohat directly at [email protected].
You must include:

  • Genre. A title for the new channel.
  • Biography. A brief overview of your musical passion!
  • Description. Explain the range of music you intend to provide. Include names of popular artists.

Do not include any MP3s or other files.